Golf Tips

Casa Serena Open – Day Three

Always try to keep a good rhythm.

I have a drill that helps me with my golf game. It is “humming”.
When I practice for chipping, pitching and long game – I always
hum (huuummmmm).
This helps me find my rhythm. I try to have a consistent “hum” all the way throughthe swing.

At first, you might catch yourself humming really loudly at impact or you might even stop your humming as you hit through the ball. If your “hum” is becoming really loud at impact, this could be you are trying to hit the ball too hard. If your hum is stopping as you hit the ball, this might mean there is too much tension in your swing. Maybe you are hitting at the ball, instead of “hitting through the ball.”

I try to keep my “humming” at the same tone all the way through the swing.


Pick specific target for each shot.

When my wife Camilla caddies for me she always ask me what my target is on every shot. By telling her it improves my target focus.

Pick a specific target off the tee. It could be something in the fairway or off in the distance that lines up to the spot where you want the ball to end up.
What ever it is, make the target very small rather than wide and big.

Try this the next time you play golf and see how it effects your game! This approach will improve the result and keep more balls in the fairway!

Most important is try to smile and have fun!


Keep your head still and you’ll be thrilled!

Keep your head still when putting. Focus on a point behind the ball.
Listen for the ball to go into the hole, don’t look up to watch it!